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How to Choose the Right Hospitality Furniture for your Cafe or Restaurant
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How to Choose the Right Hospitality Furniture for your Cafe or Restaurant

If you own a café or restaurant then you probably already know the importance of having the right hospitality furniture in place for your customers. Making sure your customers have a good experience is key to turning them into loyal customers who will recommend your café or restaurant to their family and friends. We’ve put together a few tips to help you choose the type of café furniture that will make your customers happy.

  • Comfortable seats – Comfort is key and makes all the difference to how much your customers spend with you. Give them an uncomfortable seat and they’ll drink up and go as quickly as they can, never to be seen again. Treat them to a comfortable seat and they’re more likely to order another drink and even some food. Before you even start to worry about the appearance of a chair, you need to consider that customers will want to feel well supported and stable. While chairs with arms are more expensive, your customers will probably appreciate being able to stretch out a little. Other comfy chair options include bistro style chairs made from nylon rattan.
  • Form and function – While comfort is paramount, your tables and chairs should also be pleasing to the eye and fit in with the décor or theme of your restaurant or café. If your restaurant or café boasts an industrial theme, then metal chairs are probably the best choice but if you want your customers to stay for longer without getting a numb bum, then may we suggest you put cushions on the seats?
  • Tub chairs and sofas – Provided you have the space, why not considering slotting in a couple of comfy sofas for customers who come in loaded with shopping bags and in desperate need of taking the weight off their legs. Tub chairs are another alternative and offer a classier look to your café. Be sure to choose faux leather, which comes in a wide range of funky colours and is easy to wipe clean.

Finally, don’t be tempted to buy too many tables and chairs in an attempt to cater for more customers. You need to allow plenty of space between tables so that customers don’t feel hemmed in and also allow sufficient room for people to move between the tables and to find an easy route to the toilets.

Here at Furniture At Work we stock a wide range of commercial grade café and restaurant tables and chairs so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. We do Hospitality Furniture for Cafés and Restaurants the no fuss way.



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